Driver caught with in the vicinity of bald tyres in van with upright trees in the back again

A DOPEY driver was caught with nearly wholly bald tyres right after their van with two 15ft trees upright in the back again caught the notice of law enforcement.

Officers from the Driver and Motor vehicle Specifications Agency (DVSA) recognized the van travelling down the M4 yesterday.

The motorway was soaking damp at the time the driver was travelling with the weird cargo in the back again of the overloaded van.

The van
The van that acquired stopped by the DVSA.

The driver was offered a fixed penalty fine and three details on their licence. 

Pictures demonstrate the van parked up with two massive trees perched up in the back again compartment, towering higher than the van cabin beneath.

A near up of the vans tyres display the thread worn down, leaving them with barely any grip.

The photographs have circulated on line attaining hundreds of likes and feedback from social media buyers.

@carolhorn69 reported: “Bloody hell. I have viewed a lot more hair on a badger’s bottom, ebook them and allow them enjoy their automobile remaining crushed.”

@GEORGEPRINZ5 claimed: “Very thick, as thick as a tree. Presume he preferred to demonstrate a battery driven auto what ‘green driving’ is, lovely.”

@jjcymru1 reported: “He should be bark-ing mad driving that without the need of expecting a halt.”

@TimSlade14 joked: “That is a tree-mendous quit. Glad to see you having to the root of the difficulty.”

The bald tyre
The around bald tyre.

@GrumpyBiker1969 additional: “Do my eyes deceive me? How thick are some men and women.” 

DVSA Enforcement shared a report of the bust to Twitter yesterday, producing: “‘Wood’ you believe that it!

“Our officer observed this van em‘bark’ing on a voyage together the soaking moist #M4 corridor.

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“‘Planting’ their foot on the accelerator, they intercepted it prior to it could ‘leaf’ the motorway! 

“Overloaded and an unlawful tyre. Prohibited, FPN and 3 factors.”