June 27, 2022


More than 40 Scottish businesses have shared a record-breaking £1.5m in the Scottish EDGE Awards.

The money is awarded to high growth potential businesses with the amounts ranging from £10,000 to £100,000.

The awards are supported by The Hunter Foundation, Royal Bank of Scotland, Scottish Government and Scottish Enterprise.

OrganLike scrubbed up well for the awards

One of the biggest winners was OrganLike, who are developing hyper-realistic organ models for surgical training.

The Inverness-based company received a total of £100,000 to help aid their surgical training using synthetic tissue and augmented reality technologies.

Another Highland business, Creag Dhu Ltd, which ‘accelerate ages’ single malt Scotch Whisky, received £50,000. The Newtonmore firm also received £75,000 advertising spend through the STV supported STV Growth EDGE Award.

North Uist Distillery was also successful, picking up an award of £70,000. The Benbecula business currently produce their award-winning range of ‘Downpour’ gins and aim to expand into whisky production within the next year.

Businesses that put the environment at the heart of their operations were also recognised.

Glasgow-based Crack Map Ltd received £40,000 as the winner of the Circular Economy Award supported by Zero Waste Scotland.

The firm was praised for its ground-breaking and innovative non-contact inspection technology, applicable to various sectors.

And in the social enterprise category, Social Stories Club, from Edinburgh, received £50,000 for its range of food-based services that re-invest profits back into the community.

Keynotes speakers at the event included Sir Tom Hunter and Deputy First Minister, John Swinney, with opening remarks from Scottish EDGE chairman David Shearer.

Hunter, founder of The Hunter Foundation, said: “Once again Scottish EDGE has proven the absolute need that quality businesses have for growth finance.

“But, as importantly, the amazing wrap around support EDGE offers, the secret sauce if you will.

“These entrepreneurs are the lifeblood of the Scottish economy and alongside scale-ups will be pivotal in providing the jobs and opportunities necessary for Scotland’s Covid recovery.

“Quality demand from businesses far outstripped supply so our development agencies need to step in and step up with more funding.”

Evelyn McDonald, Chief Executive Officer at Scottish EDGE, said: “It has been inspiring to see the talent and passion we have among start-ups in Scotland, which was demonstrated impressively through our latest funding round.

“It is a privilege for Scottish EDGE to support such exciting Scottish entrepreneurial talent and help companies and individuals access pivotal funding to accelerate their growth and development. This in turn helps drive forward Scotland’s future economic prosperity.”

And Paula Ritchie, Director, Enterprise, Royal Bank of Scotland, said  they were long-standing supporters of the awards.

She said: “The standard and quality of the finalists this year made choosing winners for each category an exciting but challenging task.

“The awards have once again shown the quality of new businesses and start-ups which call Scotland home. It is crucial that organisations work together to create environments to help businesses and entrepreneurialism thrive.”

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The full list of this year’s Scottish EDGE winners

Alice Sharp Ltd (£75,000) Glasgow  Online training to support those working in Early Learning and Childcare, Teachers and Parents

Crack Map Ltd (£40,000) – Glasgow – Developing innovative AI-based, non-contact technology, improving the quality of data analysis procedure for structural health monitoring, providing more reliable results only using available traditional data.

Creag Dhu Ltd (£50,000 plus £75,000 advertising spend through STV Growth Fund) – Strathmashie- Distillation of a global innovation ‘accelerated aged’ Single Malt Scotch Whisky ‘Mashie Brig’ for domestic and export brand building and distribution.

DARe-3D (£50,000) – Glasgow – DARe-3D were initially a complementary division of DARe-me, incorporated August 2021 DARe-3D Ltd offer UK wide drone services, B2B drone hire, sales and aerial stock.

Defiant 3D Ltd (£50,000) – Peterhead  Defiant 3D is a metal 3D printer developer and supplier using our revolutionary low cost patented metal 3D printing technology developed in-house.

Gigged (£40,000) – Glasgow  We have developed a Digital Talent Platform called GIGGED.AI which using innovative AI to allow gig workers to work on mission-critical digital projects remotely.

Hoko Design Ltd (£50,000) – Glasgow – Using a tech-focussed approach HOKO is striving for the perfect client experience. We provide quality architecture for homeowners, at scale, keeping the whole process in-house.

Home Help Me Care (£60,000) – Edinburgh  Award-winning Home Help Me Care providers of bespoke care for older people in their homes, acting with kindness integrity every step of the way.

Jump Ship Brewing Ltd (£50,000) Edinburgh  We brew world-class alcohol-free beer in Scotland

Know-It (Global) (£90,000) – Glasgow  The Know-it platform helps streamline the entire credit control process giving SMEs the ability to mitigate credit risk, increase cashflow and reduce debtor days.

Loch Electronics (£40,000) – Edinburgh – Loch Electronics innovate, engineer, design and bring to market consumer electronics products focused on reducing global carbon footprint in households and offices.

Lupovis (£50,00) – Glasgow  Lupovis provisions cyber-security dynamic deception environments using artificial intelligence to maintain the attacker away from valuable assets by adjusting the strength of engagement.

Net AI Tech Ltd (£50,000) – Edinburgh – Net AI is real-time AI-driven analytics company revolutionising the management of cloud-based virtual mobile networks and helping Telecom companies reduce their capital/operating expenditure.

North Uist Distillery (£70,000) Benbecula  North Uist Distillery currently produce their award-winning range of ‘Downpour’ gins and aim to expand into whisky production within the next year.

OrganLike Ltd (£100,000) Inverness  OrganLike is the expert in developing hyper-realistic organ models for surgical training. We are revolutionising surgical training using synthetic tissue and augmented reality technologies.

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Staff Buddy Ltd (£60,000) Edinburgh – With a people-first approach, Staff Buddy combines game-changing technology with an experienced team to source, recruit and manage shift workers for eCommerce businesses.

Social Enterprise EDGE winner:

Social Stories Club (£15,000)  an Edinburgh based social enterprise which produces gift boxes containing products from social enterprises, each with a fascinating story of social impact and helping communities and the environment.

Wildcard EDGE winners:

Danu Robotics Ltd (£15,000) – Musselburgh – Danu Robotics is an Edinburgh based clean-tech start-up. We are currently developing an intelligent robotic solution for the recycling industry to significantly increase recycling efficiency.

FC Laboratories Ltd (£10,000) – Dunfermline – FCLABS are pioneers in wearable brain imaging technology. Our mission is to make clinical quality insights into cognitive performance as commonplace as tracking physical fitness.

HeadOn Health Ltd (£10,000) – Edinburgh – HeadOn Health Ltd. will offer a revolutionary digital therapy app proven to be effective in supporting concussion patients in their recovery

Make Tech Fly Ltd (£10,000) – Blairgowrie – We provide SaaS products for the Private Jet sector that coordinates all the data required with security, simplicity and visibility in a secure data ecosystem.

See Vac Ltd (£10,000) – Glasgow – See Vac is a  multi functional dental suction tool that combines suction, flexibility and vision within the mouth.

Small99 (£10,000) – Glasgow – Small99 provides practical advice to guide and accelerate micro businesses to Net Zero. Our mission it to get 1 million to Net Zero by 2025.

The Prebiotic Company Ltd (£10,000) – Edinburgh The Prebiotic Company’s principal business activity is the sale of our own innovative brand of prebiotic water and soft drinks.

Young EDGE winners:

Black Goblin Audio Ltd (£10,000) – Edinburgh – Established in 2018, Black Goblin is an audio design and technology company aiming to provide sustainable and accessible sound production for all. Also, the receipt of the Creative EDGE award.

Embodied Self Defence (£10,000) – Aberdeen – Embodied Self Defence (ESD) exists to empower anyone, anywhere, with life-saving, life enhancing mental, emotional and physical self defence. We are an education service. We grow self defence capability interactively and experientially online, through gaming, art, film and e-learning.

Farr Out Deliveries Ltd (£10,000) – Edinburgh – Farr Out Deliveries is Edinburgh’s cargo bike delivery service. We provide unique, innovative freight services to local businesses and individuals, delivering exclusively by cargo bike.

Gloriah (£10,000) – Edinburgh – Gloriah is a sexual wellness brand that will redefine the UK sexual wellness market. Creating a brand centred around the needs/desires of today’s women.

Jacks Alt-Stays Ltd (£10,000) – Largs  – Jack’s Alt-Stays’ is the next generation of tourist accommodation in Scotland – An ‘Alternative Eco-Cabin’ experience launching on the scenic Isle of Cumbrae in January 2022.

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Konglomerate Games (£10,000) – Dundee – We are a video games company specializing in healthcare and other applied games. We have developed an award winning game for children with Cystic Fibrosis to perform their physiotherapy exercises and we hope to continue its development as well as branching into other sectors of applied games.

Loch Chocolate Ltd t/a Treat Cheats (£10,000) – Glasgow – Treat Cheats has developed an indulgent 99 calorie chocolate bar filled with a soft nougat centre. Our chocolate bars are tasty, healthy and sustainable.

Metacarpal Ltd (£15,000) – Glasgow  – Metacarpal is a company focused on changing the prosthetic hand industry, by creating a hand that uses no electronics resulting in a more effective product. Winner of the top prize in the Young EDGE category.

Nuisance Drinks (£10,000) – Edinburgh – We make premium, botanical soda mixers inspired by the British countryside.  Each drink can be enjoyed straight up or served with the world’s finest spirits.

Orange Matter (£10,000) – Edinburgh – Our company is seeking to develop an interactive 3D visualization of spreadsheets which would both save time and reduce errors.

Quas Drinks Ltd (£10,000) – Edinburgh – Quas is a plant-based live non-alcoholic beverage made using mixed fermentation (yeast and bacteria) of malts such as rye and barley. Unlike most soft drinks Quas is naturally carbonated and contains vitamins and organic acids produced by billions of live probiotic bacteria that benefit your health.

Rhizocore Technologies Ltd (£15,000) – Edinburgh – We produce symbiotic fungi that associate with trees. Our fungi increase tree growth rates, increase drought and disease tolerance and increase forest carbon sequestration.

Tasteback Ltd (£10,000) – Edinburgh – Tasteback is an online farm-to-table service delivering fresh produce straight from farms in packaging that is recyclable or reusable for 20% cheaper than similar services.

Two Raccoons (£10,000) – Aberdeen – Two Raccoons prevent food waste by turning surplus fruits into wine. We are now producing 11,000L of wine from 5 tonnes of disregarded fruits.

Unbaggaged (£10,000) – Glasgow – Unbaggaged is the world’s first luggage concierge network connecting travellers wanting rid of bags with drivers who pick & return them where and when needed

Net Zero EDGE winners:

Bennu.Ai (£50,000) – Bennu.ai is developing a smart bin, which sorts waste automatically, increasing recycling rates by over 40%, decreasing the carbon footprint and reducing waste management bills.

SilviBio (£50,000) – Edinburgh – SilviBio improves forest nursery productivity. Develop biobased seed coatings and soil additives to increase seed germination, seedling survival, and decrease in water/fertiliser usage.

SolarisKit (£100,000) – Edinburgh – SolarisKit has developed the world’s first flat-packable solar thermal collector. A patent-pending device that can convert sunlight into hot water for multiple applications globally.