June 25, 2022


NBC4’s Main Meteorologist Doug Kammerer reveals his forecast for the 2021-2022 winter.

If you are a enthusiast of snow, get prepared for a bit much more of it this winter season in contrast to past, but that doesn’t signify you will be sledding down your neighborhood hill a lot this time all over.

“This is not likely to be a pretty large winter season,” stated NBC4’s Chief Meteorologist Doug Kammerer.

Kammerer is out with his predictions for the 2021-2022 winter period, and he’s only expecting 7 to 13 inches of snow all season together the I-95 corridor. Regions that involve Loudoun County, Warrenton and Culpeper in Virginia, as very well as western Montgomery County and Howard County in Maryland, could see 12 to 18 inches.

“As a snow lover, I’d like to see more, but I really do not feel we are likely to see any of the large storms this year,” Kammerer said.

Towards the Blue Ridge Mountains, the snow totals he expects will exceed 20 inches, with spots west of the mountains possibly viewing up to 100 inches, which he mentioned is common in the ski resort parts.

Toward the Blue Ridge Mountains, the snow totals he expects will exceed 20 inches, with areas west of the mountains potentially viewing up to 100 inches, which he stated is normal in the ski vacation resort areas.(Courtesy NBC Washington)

“Could be a extremely great season for them, centered on lake impact snow that they may be equipped to get,” Kammerer stated.

Eventually, shut to the Atlantic, the snowfall is envisioned to be the least, with 4 to 8 inches.

Kammerer mentioned that like December of previous calendar year, the location could see milder situations, with temperatures in the 70s attainable.

“If we see any snow at all in the month of December, that would be a bonus, for the reason that I truly never believe we’re going to see a lot,” Kammerer reported.

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Come January and February, that’s when Kammerer claimed the place will see the most wintertime climate, despite the fact that it might not end result in a great deal of snow on the floor.

“We’re likely to be looking at a good deal of storms, but they are heading to be extremely marginal storms,” he mentioned.

Most of the accumulation he thinks will transpire from late January into early February.

Arrive January and February, that is when Kammerer claimed we’ll see the most wintertime climate, despite the fact that it could not end result in a good deal of snow on the floor.(Courtesy NBC Washington)

Then arrive March, matters heat up, with earlier mentioned typical temperatures envisioned.

Kammerer reported his prediction does not generally extend into April, but this yr he provided it simply because the D.C. area could see history-breaking heat.

“If you are a person which is all set for spring, seems to be like we can get some genuinely warm temperatures,” he reported.

Kammerer explained some of the components playing into his wintertime forecast are a reasonable La Niña weather sample and local weather improve. He stated local weather change in distinct is triggering “back-loaded winters,” in which the storms and colder temperatures occur in January, February and March.

Kammerer stated some of the variables enjoying into his wintertime forecast are a average La Niña temperature sample and local climate improve.(Courtesy NBC Washington)

“We used to be so chilly in the thirty day period of December, but December has truly risen temperature-sensible mainly because of weather alter,” Kammerer mentioned.

When looking for a former calendar year that very best lines up with his present-day forecast, Kammerer explained his “analog year” is the 1984-1985 winter season season. Which is when the location saw 6 modest storms, with the greatest storm placing down 3.9 inches of snow at the airports. The overall season noticed 10.3 inches.

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The year also observed a polar vortex in January, and Kammerer thinks that is attainable this calendar year. Also, when looking again at the period just about 40 a long time ago, the location saw temperatures in the 90s through April.

Kammerer explained acquiring so a great deal information to flip to has led to precise predictions of snowfall, such as his contacting of the large storm of 2016. (Courtesy NBC Washington)

Kammerer stated that when coming up with his forecast, he appears at everything from Siberian snow protect, to ice protect north of the Arctic Circle, to how heat the waters are in the Atlantic Ocean. He reported owning so significantly data to flip to has led to exact predictions of snowfall, together with his contacting of the significant storm of 2016.

“In Oct on WTOP, I explained view out in late January, I’m gonna be throwing my 8-yr-outdated son into 2 ft of snow — and that’s specifically what we have been carrying out,” Kammerer said.