July 3, 2022


Jonah Jamroz's dad, Steve, moments after the Wisconsin Infamous won the NXL World Cup in 2019. Steve has been to and filmed all of Jonah's practices and tournaments.

Jonah Jamroz’s to start with stage to getting to be a expert paintball player started out in the course of a discussion with pals in a Neenah middle university. They ended up planning to make a zombie film.

The 2nd step was viewing an episode of “The Simpsons.”

“It was really wild,” Jonah reported throughout a telephone job interview, recalling how he received intrigued in paintball. At the time, filmmaking was his passion.

Bart Simpson participating in paintball inspired Jonah. Fill a paintball gun with pink paintballs and, bang, blood splatter particular outcomes when zombies get shot. It was the form of resolution required for his no-funds horror flick.

One particular trouble. Neither he nor his buddies had a paintball gun, so Jonah did what all successful filmmakers do, he sought outside the house funding. In this circumstance from his dad and mom.