June 27, 2022

SCOTS have been left in stitches after spotting a “grim” Christmas tree in Glasgow locked behind a fence.

A shopper captured a photograph of the faux Christmas tree outside Springburn Shopping Centre on Saturday.

The image shows the sad looking tree perched inside a cement square base with metal fencing around it.

The sad looking Christmas tree
The fenced-off Christmas tree in Springburn.

No baubles, lights or decorations had been added to the tree yet which looks sparse of branches at the top.

The image has caused hysteria online from social media users who describe the festive placement as “grim” and “sad” looking.

Shannon Daly snapped the original photograph, captioned: “Merry Christmas from Springburn.”

The post has received over 2,500 likes on Twitter and almost 14,000 likes on a Scottish Instagram page.

Hundreds of Scots have been left in stitches by the images.

@Stephentwilkie said: “The festive centre of everything.”

@sweendug wrote: “I used to live right in this very spot and let me tell you, that fence is needed.

“This patch is the wild west.”

@James16582913 commented: “Coca Cola should implement this into their next Xmas advert.”

Outside Springburn Shopping Centre
Outside Springburn Shopping Centre where the tree was put up.

@this_is_joe_culverhouse wrote: “Surprised there’s not a cone on it already.”

@sazd89 said: “Hahahaha this is a sad tree.”

And @kylehub added: “F**k me, that’s grim.”

Speaking today Shannon Daly, 22, who took the photo said: “When I first saw it I just thought it was dead random that there was just this non-decorated and sad looking Christmas tree put up on a big slab of concrete with fencing round.

“I took the picture to send to my pals. With the betting shop and the closed down off license in the background we just thought it was funny.

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“I don’t know why the fence is up, it might be because the tree is not done being decorated or just to stop vandalism.”

Springburn Shopping Centre was the scene of a double stabbing last week. 

A knife on three men led to two people being rushed to hospital to be treated for stab wounds. 

No one is yet to be charged in relation to the attack.