June 25, 2022


SOCIAL media people have been left horrified above a skin-crawling online video demonstrating 1000’s of blood-thirsty midges swarming a hillwalker.

Cat Webster captured the horrifying clip in Glen Feshie in the Cairngorms National Park demonstrating clouds of pesky bloodsuckers swarming the mountain chief. 

The backbone shivering footage demonstrates masses of the ravenous beasties circling Cat exploring for their up coming food. 

The infuriating critters fill the full screen from best to base, with hundreds also resting on the side of a black van. 

Cat shared the online video to Twitter on Sunday, creating: “Midge report from Glen Feshie: however hellish.” 

The submit has now gathered in excess of 1,800 likes and hundreds of retweets from viewers who had been horrified by the footage. 

@PattendenRich mentioned: “You need to have a flamethrower quickly.”

@dthomas560 wrote: “Insects are on the decrease. Wonderful to see a person species performing well…”

Ravenous midges swarm hillwalker | Scottish News
Social media buyers have been horrified by the video.

@sallygoble commented: “Don’t depart the motor vehicle for the love of god!” 

@niro750 replied: “Wow. I haven’t observed them like that in a even though!”

@seanderrick1991 extra: “I can truly feel this video clip and now I’m super not comfortable.”

@JeanJeanie_68 also claimed: “Hell on earth.”

@albannaich1314 replied: “Scratching below just on the lookout at it….skilled it there a couple of periods.” 

The latest midge forecast in Aviemore, around Glen Feshie, is established to four – the 2nd greatest rating and described as: “That’s no mist, that is midges.” 

Midge period in Scotland commonly lasts from the end of May to September.

This 12 months has been explained by experts as getting a “mega hatch”.

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