June 25, 2022

SCOTLAND and Denmark admirers jokingly taunt every other more than bagpipes and Lego in a hilarious movie.

The two sets of fans ended up travelling back on teach from Hampden following Scotland’s 2- gain last night time, when they broke out in a again and forth chant that has remaining social media buyers in stitches. 

The chanting started on a Scotrail provider heading back into the city centre, as they stood jointly drinking Buckfast.


In the video clip, the Danish followers can be heard shouting to a group of followers a mere handful of ft from the Scots.

Dressed in Viking helmets and with Dansh flags painted on some of their faces, they can be read chanting: “You can stick you f****g bagpipes up your a*e.” 

Singing this several times, the Scotland admirers laughed with them.

The Tartan Military enthusiasts then hit out with their personal comical retort.

Pausing for suspense for a minute whilst producing drumming noises on various elements of the coach, the Scotland fans shout: “You can adhere your f****g lego up your a*e,” to the same tune the Danes employed.

Danish fans chant
Danish supporters chant about bagpipes.

Mildly perplexed at the Scots humour they laughed alongside as it was chanted in the course of the teach.

In a Fb submit made by Struan McArthur has gained in excess of 400 likes and dozens of reviews. 

Scotland fans on social media have cherished the post commenting on the publish. 

One man or woman explained: “Love that the Dane has a bottle of Buckfast.”

Any person wrote: “Brilliant, this is what it is all about.”

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A further consumer replied: “That’s why we have the most effective enthusiasts and why absent enthusiasts enjoy us.”

Struan McArthur
Struan McArthur, 24, who filmed the hilarious chant.

An individual else extra: “The Danes are having it properly. 

“Good lads.”

In the last recreation of the Environment Cup Qualifiers, Scotland defeated Denmark 2- very last night time, firing on their own into a playoff semi remaining at Hampden. 

They will discover out who they face on 26th of November and the tie will be held both on 22 or 23 March. 

The unlikely victory was the only points the Danes dropped in the qualifiers.