July 3, 2022

Stunning CCTV footage displays a brazen female showing up to urinate right outdoors someone’s entrance doorway in wide daylight.

Natalia Stepien could not believe her eyes when she spotted the alleged incident take place exterior her flat in north-west London past week.

The 23-year-old had checked her CCTV as she noticed a female carrying red passing by the window and believed she was a Royal Mail courier delivering a offer.


Nevertheless, she looked again on her protection cam to see that the woman had left her shopping at the prime of the stairs just before jogging down to allegedly alleviate herself.

The movie reveals the customer squatting down and hunting up to test for folks passing in advance of allegedly urinating just inches absent from Natalia’s entrance doorway.

The woman, wearing a crimson jumper and blue cap, then pulls up her trousers right before generating her way back again up the stair, amassing her buying, and casually walking away.

Natalia shared the movie to TikTok on Wednesday, in which it has captivated more than 27,000 views.

Viewers ended up blended in their reaction to the incident, with numerous defending her.

A single said: “Some folks have diabetes or blood sugar problems where they physically just cannot wait around.”

Natalia responded: “I really do not give a f**k, there is a pub next door and loads of grass and bushes that you could go in nearby.”

The woman walking up the stairs
Afterwards the female walked casually up the stairs as if very little had occurred. (C) Natalia Stepien

Yet another wrote: “Are you very seriously telling me you have hardly ever performed this, even on a evening out?”

A third commented said: “I am actually so bewildered at all these folks defending a girl p*g at your entrance doorway.”

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A fourth added: “Not persons seeking to make excuses for her, this world is full of additional sickos than I considered.”

When yet another claimed: “Why are people today striving to justify anyone p*g in front of someone’s household?”

Speaking today, Natalia explained: “I was very shocked as the cause I clicked on the CCTV was because I was pondering if a person arrived to provide a parcel I was waiting around for.

“The female who peed has a pink jumper so I assumed she was someone from Royal Mail.”