June 27, 2022


Friday, November 19th 2021, 2:39 pm – Normally make sure to check yourself and your pets for ticks just after investing time in nature.

Chilly climate is settling in all-around Canada, which signifies it’s time for your yearly reminder: ticks can survive by the winter, sometimes even in the snow.

And while the danger of a tick face is decreased in the wintertime, Katie Clow, an assistant professor at Ontario Veterinary Higher education, tells The Temperature Community it “certainly is not zero.”

“When temperatures go over zero, ticks can be active,” Clow adds.

“So if we’re out and about enjoying mother nature, we ought to also be wondering about checking ourselves for ticks and making use of tick prevention approaches for the duration of the wintertime months.”

GIF - ticks
Ticks can survive via the wintertime, gurus say. GIFs stylized by Cheryl Santa Maria. Tick image: Eraxion/Getty Images Professional.


Not all ticks cause Lyme condition. Though there are many varieties of ticks discovered in Canada, only the black-legged ones can transmit the microbes Borrelia burgdorferi that triggers the condition, and only if the tick is infected with the bacteria.

“Lab reports demonstrate that black-legged ticks are lively whenever over 4 levels Celsius, and in some cases it is hard to estimate [the temperature],” Clow says.

“I just say, if it’s higher than zero, we ought to be imagining about black-legged ticks … when we get some of these heat, warm periods, if the snow address is not much too major, [ticks] will however arrive out to feed.”

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Black-legged ticks favor wooded and brushy areas and places where by humidity is better. They’re most active in humid conditions when temperatures are lower.

Early detection is 1 of the most effective methods to take care of Lyme sickness.

Professionals say the condition is on the rise in Canada and the U.S. thanks to a mixture of ticks expanding northward and warmer climate, the latter of which is encouraging the arachnids survive in climates that ended up beforehand far too cold.

It can take three days to a single thirty day period for signs of Lyme disorder to occur. The ailment is treatable with antibiotics.


Lyme disease is an inflammatory condition discovered by a rash, headache, fever, and chills. It can acquire into doable arthritis and neurological and cardiac issues, as very well as chronic fatigue.

Because of to the minuscule measurement, bites are predominantly pain-free and can go unnoticed until signs set in. Tick bites typically resemble a ‘bull’s eye’ – a purple chunk mark surrounded by rings of crimson, swollen pores and skin.

Illustration of a Lyme ailment ‘bull’s eye’ rash. (CDC)

Location A TICK?

  • Clear away the tick promptly making use of high-quality-tipped tweezers. If you uncover a tick on your pet, call your vet.
  • Do not squeeze the system for the duration of the elimination system, as this can accidentally enable Lyme disease micro organism into the human body.
  • Do not put everything on the tick or attempt to melt away it, as this could prompt the tick to release microorganisms into the chunk area.
  • Cleanse the bite area with cleaning soap and h2o.
  • Seek medical consideration straight away. If doable, bring the tick with you.
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