July 1, 2022


A team of people today, typically girls, gathered on Ibado Mahmud’s back again patio around a wagon overflowing with tangled vines of sweet potato greens.Mahmud’s good friend Khadija Farah wore bright purple, oversized gardening gloves that stood out against her mild grey garbasaar, a shawl worn by Somali gals.

She pulled out a notably leafy vine and declared, “That’s a attractive just one.”

In the vicinity of the wagon sat a crate of freshly harvested eggplants, both the long, slender Japanese wide range and the squatter, more common kind. Kevin Peart utilised a wheelbarrow to roll in extra crates of foodstuff from other farms: fats yellow lemons and vivid oranges, burgundy potatoes lightly mottled with grime, yellow onions and bags of spinach leaves.

On this sunny and brisk autumn morning, they’ll divide this rainbow of fruits, veggies and roots into paper sacks and deliver them to families all over the Valley.