July 3, 2022


Temperatures are set to drop in the coming days as winter approaches – but are we going to get snow this month?

Brits have been enjoying an unusually mild start to November, but a big freeze could be just around the corner.

Some reports have suggested that parts of the UK will be blanketed by the white stuff in just a few days time.

Snow could be on its way

Forecasters have predicted that snow will fall in northern areas by the middle of next week, according to some reports, while Netweather charts suggest a ‘very high chance of snow’ by November 20, with the possibility of up to 10 inches in parts of Scotland and the northeast of England.

Temperatures are likely to plummet in the coming days with much of the country seeing temperatures close to 6C, dropping even lower overnight.

In recent days, bookmakers have slashed the odds on this being the coldest November ever.

But, despite ‘wintry conditions’ being likely, the Met Office has said it is too soon to say whether we will see any snowfall.

The Met Office’s long-range forecast for the northwest of England suggests “a rather cold start” to the middle of November and “an increasing chance of some wintry conditions” later in the month.

By the end of the month, temperatures are expected to dip “slightly below average” for the time of year.

A spokesperson for the Met Office told the MEN: “There are some signs that colder weather may be on the way at times later in the month, more particularly across the north of the UK, with the chance of some snow at times mainly over the higher ground.

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“It is typical at the time of year to see colder interludes and some snow.”

However, they said it was “too early at this stage to give exact details of any snow amounts and timings”.

Here’s the Met Office forecast for the rest of November:

November 15 to 24

“Remaining changeable and autumnal particularly to the north through the start of this period as low-pressure systems dominate, sometimes accompanied by rain and strong winds.

“Elsewhere while rain is possible at times, drier and brighter conditions are more likely in the south and southeast regions, although some rain will likely reach even here at times. Morning fog patches are also possible in these regions during this period.

“A rather cold start to the period will likely be followed by a brief recovery in temperatures, before possible trend down later on in the month. This would bring an increasing chance of some wintry conditions, mainly over the higher ground in the north, but with a slight risk to lower levels.”

November 25 to December 9

“Towards the end of November and into early December there are signs of an increased likelihood of north to northwesterly winds. This means that overall temperatures are likely to be near or slightly below average, although some milder spells cannot be ruled out.

“In such patterns the most unsettled, wetter and windier conditions are often found across northern areas, while the most settled, driest and brightest conditions are predominantly across the south.

“There is a slightly higher than normal chance of some wintry conditions, especially across the north.”

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