June 26, 2022


Brits are set to enjoy another week of mild weather before temperatures plunge to around -11C next week with another spell of snow.

So far it has been an unseasonably mild November where people have been able to bask in outbreaks of sunshine around the country and little will change over the coming days.

But by the end of next weekend the temperatures will start to fall as freezing Arctic winds take a grip bringing sub-zero temperatures.

WXCharts show the mercury could drop as low as -7C to -11C during the week of November 23 with the frostiest conditions in the far north of Scotland.

Scotland is likely to see snowfall from Sunday, the agency predicted.

Temperatures are expected to plunge next week



Snow is expected to start from November 24 in the Grampians and the Highlands before moving down the country over the coming days and by the end of the month it is likely to cover parts of northern England and North Wales.

There is a chance that as far south as Brighton could have sub zero temperatures by November 27 according to the weather maps.

Then from then onwards there is a risk of snow and ice across the country.

Oliver Claydon, Met Office, told the Express : “Long-lead models are showing there is a chance for things to turn a bit colder in the middle of next week.

“Uncertainty is hinged around an area of high pressure, if it’s further to the west then it could pull a chance of snow from the north.”

Snow is likely to continue after next week and temperatures will get colder as the month goes on.

James Madden, forecaster for Exact Weather, told the Express : “The cold is likely to win out before the end of November bringing an early taste of winter and the risk of snow.

“Waning solar activity means chances are high for a ‘little ice age’ winter this year with notable periods of cold and snow.

“We have high confidence for the most cold and wintry conditions since December 2010 developing towards the end of the year.”

That could bring extreme cold temperatures and spells of widespread snow, he added.

Met Office five-day weather forecast


Mostly cloudy start across England and Wales with possible drizzle, and patchy thick fog in the east and south. Sunnier breaks further north and west, before Scotland and Northern Ireland see rain followed by blustery, heavy showers. Windy and colder.

Tuesday night

Weakening rain band crossing southern UK followed by clearer conditions. Further north, blustery showers, some heavy, especially for northern and western Scotland, wintry on higher hills. Windy and chilly here.


Showers in northern and western areas will slowly ease, although replaced by evening rain in northwest UK. Further south, a mainly dry day with sunny spells. Somewhat cooler and breezier.

Thursday to Saturday

Most regions dry and very mild with variable, often large amounts of cloud. Rain across the far northwest sinking further south on Saturday and turning colder from the north.

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