June 25, 2022


Brits are being warned of freezing temperatures and heavy snow to fall across swathes of the country from next week.

People will need to wrap up warm as WXCharts maps are showing snow first hitting the north of the UK and then moving south over the following couple of days.

After a largely mild November, the cold weather is set to come from Arctic winds which will bring freezing temperatures and has slashed odds on it becoming the coldest November on record.

The Met Office has updated its forecast for next week and warned “snow likely across higher ground and possibly falling to low levels at times”., telling the Express that temperatures could fall by 10 degrees after 7C-10C highs at the weekend.

Snow is expected fall across much of the country from the end of next week



Temperatures could be around zero or 1C in parts of the country Monday, WXCharts maps suggest.

The maps suggest snow over high ground in Wales and Scotland next Wednesday, with more snow the following day in those areas and parts of England.

Snowfall is expected during the weekend of November 27 as well.

This is also backed up by maps from Netweather.TV which shows that the chance of snow rises considerably from next Wednesday.

Heavy snow could fall over parts of the UK later this month


Net Weather)

Then by a week on Friday the graphics turn red across Scotland, northern England and the South East which means that there is a 70% chance of snow.

The snow clouds are set to be brought to the South East by strong winds from November 27.

Snow flurries on November 26 could be strongest in western Scotland with significant amounts also possible over high ground in Wales.

Heavy snow is also expected on November 27.

Netweather maps forecast -8C in central areas of Scotland, -8C in the North East and -1C in the South during the early hours on Monday, November 29.

Minimum temperature maps show northern areas of England and Scotland turning a shade of dark blue on Wednesday, December 1.

Thermometers could plummet to -12C in central Scotland and -7C in the north of England.

The Met Office long-range forecast for next week says: “High pressure will often lie close to western or southwestern parts of the UK during this period.

“This will tend to bring to a colder than average north or northwesterly airflow for a time. The most unsettled conditions will likely be across northern areas.

Here, showers or longer spells of rain are likely with snow likely across higher ground and possibly falling to low levels at times.

“Strong winds are possible across the north, especially around coasts. Further south, it is likely to remain somewhat drier with fewer showers, but there is even a slight chance of some wintry weather here.

“At points when winds ease any clearer and calmer conditions that prevail will lead to some cold nights with frost and fog.”

UK forecast for the next 5 days


Many southern and eastern parts will be dry and bright, but cloudier in the north and west with some light rain or drizzle, most persistent in northwest Scotland where rain heavy over the hills. Windy, particularly in the north.


Some light rain or drizzle in the west and north, with further heavy rain for the hills in northwest Scotland. Breezy and very mild, with gales for the far north.


Rain at times for northern and western Scotland, where windy. Else, generally dry and mild with sunny spells. Cloudier in the south and west with drizzle in places.

Outlook for Saturday to Monday:

Cloudy with patchy rain sinking south on Saturday, lingering in far south until Monday. Elsewhere, Sunday clearing to scattered showers, heaviest along eastern coasts. Mild initially, turning colder from north.

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